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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

yeah, it's that time. I never thought I'd do this and I still don't want to do it, but this whorehouse is friends only now.

if you want to be on my friends list, comment here and I'll see what I can do. I'm one of those powerful women who watches oxygen, you know.

okay, I feel like this needs some updating. it's been over a year since I made this journal friends only, and it will probably stay that way for a really long time, if not forever. so unless you have some carnal desire that needs to be fulfilled by me, there is really no point in adding me.

I am really picky anyway, so even if you comment on this entry and ask nicely I might not add you, because I am a really mean person. well, that, and there's information about me in this journal that I don't feel like revealing to the world yet. if I did, then I would allow everyone to read it!^&$#*%

that doesn't mean that I'm not accepting new friends. if you are a really cool jpop fan who is not an elitist, I am looking for you. I have no friends with which to discuss jpop. :(

oh, and if you live in bowling green, ohio, there is not a chance in hell that you will be added to my friends list at this time.

so yeah, that's all.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

I have $3000 in my bank account, mom says it's for a car. I don't know why I'm getting a free car, but I don't really care.
got movies from dawn, my sassy girl, il mare, love letter and friends, the drama. also got a kang ta cd, how sexy ;) dawn rules! brandon rules for being the mediator.

today I only had a 4 hour shift (would have been longer, but I left early), the manager was nice and we got lots of free food. it was so much better than usual, and it was also in a ghetto building. every cart squeaked, every plate had some sort of food on it from the dish machine. for the first hour I was there, I made salads. a handful or less of lettuce, one cucumber, one tomato. I needed 250 salads. if there are 11 scanty salads per tray and 15 trays full, how many scanty salads are there in total? as we all know, I failed my "maths" and so I took my tomato-juice covered glove and smeared out a messy multiplication problem on the metal table I was working on.

I have been watching sunday night sex show on oxygen, and I am sort of seeing why it disturbs people. it's like your grandma telling you things that she did to your grandpa which resulted in him having a heart attack and dying while his erection was still inside of her. when a corpse shows up at the morgue with an erection, they call it "angel dust".

my mom is watching we and oxygen and lifetime all the time now, citing "good movies and no commericals". whatever. there are four types of people who watch these channels:
people with nothing better to do/are curious
men trying to see inside a woman's mind
powerful women who need to prey on weak women
channels for women are actually created like men, men named oprah and martha stewart.

one "game show" is hosted in stephanie martin's "overcrowded and stylish apartment". her opening one-liner joke is from some fucking b-movie that no one's heard of, so of course no one laughs. only this type of show can be shown at 1 am on oxygen.
you know, perhaps I'm misjudging, but I don't give a fuck. women are supposed to be hitting their prime in their 30s (maybe that's only sexually), instead they're all turning into housewives, getting married, starting failed dot coms and becoming lawyers in failed firms. fuck you, america.

mom came home the other day and shouted "there are crazy old ladies picking blackberries, come see this!" sure enough, there they were. one of them is the mother in law of my english teacher. fucker. I had a wendy's cup from the car and I set to work picking any blackberry I could find. at first I picked small shitty ones, the next day when I came back with mark and tracy, not only did I get scratched to hell by multiple thorns, I got gigantic fucking berries. it's cool as hell.

we went to the stoner store here, the shed. it's supposed to be for "alternative tastes". it's the only place in town that would carry a gay/lesbian/transsexual/rupaul free magazine, for example. there are incense burners, a blacklight section, a glow in the dark section, a beaded door section and an 18+ section. hopefully you get the idea. I bought a "raver glowstick", since "real men wear body glitter".
on one rack are those pseudo-sarcasm-trying-to-be-funny buttons that say things like "I'm not a schizo, we're okay now" and "this may come as a shock to you, but I have my own problems". well, ha-ha. the only one I liked stated "I'm a waitress, not a slave". if it had had "and I don't suck your dick for 6.20 an hour" scribbled on it somewhere, I would have purchased it.

on a bike ride to the store down the street, I bought corn starch. just add water, as seen on tv.

presents, presents, amazon.com hails many presents for happy shiny girls. what would you think of this dvd? what would you think of that one? it's a hilarious british comedy, critically acclaimed, 5 thumbs up by siskel. oh, he's dead? must have slipped my mind. oh, ebert doesn't like that one, I don't recommend it to you. yeah, but jartha stewart liked it. there aren't any funny black romantic comedies, and that's why you should make one.

and I thought I liked molten enemas.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

wouldn't it be cool if there were animals shaped exactly like igloos, like a dogloo? you could be like "here dogloo!" and it would come waddling slowly over. imagine an igloo that would walk, and then put a dog's face over it, and you can imagine a dogloo.

why is harrison ford on the view? no, the real question there is why is the view still on television?

why didn't mxhub send me my site information? :(

why is kei in morning musume? isn't she 50?

what nationality is van tomiko, anyway?

is sunday night sex show safe for children to watch? who cares?

why are screwdrivers round? why are lava lamps square?

is lauren a baller?

do they take reservations?

when is the real world reunion special on, and how the fuck did keri get engaged?

why does audrey tautou have such gigantic eyes? is she secretly a stoner?

besides those, yesterday I left work early because I was so jumpy about my website. when I got home, of course, jpopcunts wasn't an "acceptable" name, so jay, lauren and I were scrambling to think of another name. I ended up going with dratswhorehouse.net.

today we should be taking tracy out to birthday dinner at 4:45-5. haha, she gets to have the happy birthday song sung to her by the staff of the restaurant and she gets this big ass cake. they do it free, too! how cool is that? we'll have fondue again :D
mark should probably be coming over this morning.

I'll be jumpy all day until I get my fucking hosting information. mxhub, I want to fuck you in the ass.

what the fuck, there's this show on upn, and the girl goes "there's just something sexy about a guy in a teabag." then BILL NYE is commenting on everything she says? haha, must watch.

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yesterday was tracy's birthday, and we took her to the rec center and miniature golfing. at the rec center, mom and I had signed up for rock climbing lessons, and as soon as I got off that fucking rock, I knew my arms would be sore tomorrow. holy shit, it feels like I was pumping iron with fucking arnold or something, I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do at work. oh well, it was a lot of fun, back in 4th grade at el rich school, we used to have a climbing wall, but it was a lot easier then. I know my arms weren't fucking sore like this! golfing was fun, I let tracy win (not) by 2 strokes. I wanted to go driving too, I've been driving a lot since last weekend, I actually hit one motherfucker like 200 yards! yeah, nothing to be proud of, 200 yards won't make me ms tiger woods :(

I'm getting paid friday, and I'm going to get that forum running, although there still isn't a definite domain name, but it'll probably be dratswhorehouse.com. ayyy, it's going to be fun as hell to set all of that up, and to finally have a good email address instead of this shitty mac.com one!

everyone is leaving the do as infinity forum, haha. I do feel kind of bad about just leaving it, but too bad.

if I were to start a band, it would be called the yesnotoasterdittybodygirls. eat that, swinging popsicle! all of the members would have to be male, too, so I'd get a sex change.

http://www.kfccinema.com/reviews/asianrelated/kraithong/kraithong.html - I must see this movie.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

fuck. one of my favorite people from the do as infinity board, dawn, is leaving. she's like an international icon or something. I want to hold memorial services, as retarded as that sounds. looks like I might have to start a new board after all, since everyone is jumping ship.

yesterday at work none of the cool people were there and I had to be a runner. it wasn't cool. mark is over right now, and since I'm obsessed with putting up a replacement board, he's reading the fight club book. yes, I am the best hostess ever, like those twinkies.

motherfucker, I tried to put up the invision board on my virtualave account, and since it doesn't have php, it won't work. so now I'm scouring every fucking foreign language site I can find so that I can test this board before actually paying for my domain. I used to know a guy who would have given me a test account for this, too bad we've fallen out of contact.
speaking of my domain, it was going to be jpopcunts.com, but some people don't like it, so I have to think of another name now.

Poll #47302 domain name suggestions

what should my domain name be?

jpopcunts.com - fuck what they say
jpopWHORES.com - it's a little different!
dratsjpop.com - nice and unoriginal
jpoppimphats.com - original, but barely
asseenontvjpop.com - I have a penis
why use .com? try .org
why use .com? try .net
why use .com? try .co.uk
why use any of those? try .co.jp

have another suggestion?

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

this weekend we found an asian supermarket that actually had good shit, such as pocky. I bought $25 of candy and managed to not look conspicuous at all (yeah right) while carrying it all in my arms around the store. their baskets are too good for me. there were people popping in there every minute, and all of them were asian. I didn't even know there were that many in ohio! do they all live underground or something?

I went to play ddr at some stoner place, major magic's (a local ripoff of chuck e cheese) and it was so insanely hot that I got a migraine from playing. damn.

today I worked lunch instead of dinner at new student orientation, and it was SO much better and less messy. we even got free fucking breaks! why do I only have 3 of these, dammit? tomorrow, it's back to dinner. the good part of today is that since my shift ended at 2:30, I went to the student recreational center to go swimming and stuff. too bad that some fucking screaming kids had to be there and that I had to have a headache, but I loved it all the same.

my mom's opinion of doug (before even meeting him):
drat is fun: hahaha
drat is fun: mom was just talking to me in the car about how your name is going to be horace picklenoose
drat is fun: and that you're 35 and balding
drat is fun: and that you're not really korean but polish and you didn't know what else to call yourself
drat is fun: so I had to tell her that you had a bald spot on your head
drat is fun: and then she went off about how you had three children named like hortice, shaniqua and latifa
drat is fun and how your wife's name was eunice
drat is fun: and how your father alfonse was one of the first pioneers to come across portland and make rose baskets for the annual parades
drat is fun: oh yeah, and you have a wart on your forehead in the shape of a penis

please note that five minutes before meeting lauren, mom speculated that she was a 35 year old lesbian in heat.

I won this do as infinity poster and killed myself at work today for staying up that late. my max bid was 200 bucks, am I crazy? don't answer that.

pleasantville is on abc right now, and some of the scenes just make me want to kill myself.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

this morning, mother woke me up early for mcdonalds food. since I was up until 2 last night, I did not exactly find it a worthy cause, but oh well.
did you know that hashbrowns and pancakes at mcdonalds are very cheap? yes, they are. are they as cheap in japan?
but for some reason, I could not eat my meal today. why? because when I accidentally smelled the bag, it smelled exactly like it does at work. yes, food service.

don't get me wrong, I do like some parts of food service, otherwise I wouldn't be working there. but the all-encompassing thing that will make me afraid of food forever is the food itself.

at a meat processing factory, there is a machine chopping cow assbones. all of the cows have mad cow disease, I'm sure. 200 of these cow assbones are left in the sun for three hours, then packed and shipped to my place of employment. the night we get them, they are frozen (how?) and we have a dinner which requires them. we leave them in the sun again and have some peon check on them occasionally until they're defrosted. then the chefs bring out the fake meat sauce and hack away at the assbones, creating small assbone pieces which are wrapped together to look pleasing to the customer, heated, and then presented. no one knows the difference, but I haven't eaten a piece of roast beef since I saw a guy chopping the assbone and heating it.

then there's the pasta and vegetables. when I can see that the pasta is a week old and then I see it in the tray waiting for people to eat it, it makes me want to gag. it could be different for pasta, I'm sure, but just the prospect of it being a week old is bad enough. if people knew that, I'm sure they wouldn't be wolfing it down like hogs at feeding time. the vegetables are probably okay, but again, it's that date thing.

I'm sure there are places that serve things worse than this to their people. there must be places where even the managers spit and piss in food, or where the meat is older or treated worse than ours. hell, probably in your supermarket or in mine. when we grilled our steaks weeks ago, one was a soggy steak. no kidding. I've read articles about people investigating it, supposedly, it's quite common!

try these:
there were instances of it happening globally too, but I'm too lazy to find them.

a lot of things that I see at my workplace make me think about their origins, like the meat. while I was making that up, those news articles are definetly real. when you see something like that, isn't it natural to form a conspiracy about everything else? just be careful what you shove in your mouth, for my sake.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

mark was here. we went downtown earlier, had fondue, bought cds and saw the powerpuff girls movie. I bought the strokes' hard to explain single because I had no money left, he bought some jazz cd. the ppg movie was okay, it was short and the battle took up the whole fucking thing. if I could have seen it for cheaper than 5 bucks, I would have. we came home, watched tv and then some fig-it club.

ebert and roper gave the crocodile hunter movie two thumbs up. I am going to see why.

I think this is the last weekend I'll have free before I stop working. I'm not going to make the best of it, I won't even remember it after I have it. days are either on or off, on if there's work, off if there isn't. after being a slave to the public school system and abandoning it in a day, unwillingly I became a worker drone. there is no queen but the consumer in the world of food service. that being so, you can spit in the queen's food when no one's looking, but who does that besides eminem?

I feel so detatched from everyone and everything. anything close to closeness that I come close to is shattered somehow, most likely insinuated by me. I don't like being so negative about everything, and I don't like being apathetic about it, but that's how it is. it feels like I don't have any close friends anymore, and maybe that's how I've always wanted it. it's not that I don't need them or don't want them, they just aren't there, and I don't notice it.

I just thought I'd say something that actually represented my feelings right now instead of my usual blather about daily happenings. the reason I don't post that much anymore is because I'd prefer not to project this negative image all the time. who wants to read about a life without emotion? anyway, I doubt I'll have anymore posts like this for a while, so just be glad about it.

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so, my "shopping spree" didn't exactly go as planned. I only got 70 dollars (!!!) because I misunderstood the payment system. oh well, that was enough for me to buy all the manga I wanted. also, there's a new store in the mall that has sanrio products, and since I love badtz maru, I asked the mr. man to special order me a wallet. oh yes, darling, I have the goods.

the manga I boughtCollapse )

I've been taking pictures of everything, even myself.

HICollapse )

work today from 2:30-8, argh. the 4 hour shifts were nice, I hate these 6 hour shifts.

something very cool happened last night.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

I am so lucky, I got off work early again! only a half hour early this time, but still. I'm sitting there waiting for people to leave so I could kiss their feet and clean their table, but the manager comes up to me and says "go clean the napkins and leave". so, score.

also, this building is too ghetto to get the cnn with broadcasters, so I have to listen to the repeating elevator music while on this computer. it's okay though, because I'm blasting do as infinity everywhere and the people eating here are like "what chinese muzkakakak"

I went to the fireworks in town last night, they were pretty cool, but since the entire town and surrounding vicinities went, there was 2 hours of traffic.

now it's time to go eat the poisonous food I just served to the general public!

EDIT: OH YES I FORGOT I GET PAID NOW@^$% my first real paycheck! it should be 230 dollars or so! then I am going to waldenbooks to buy all of their manga and sam goody to blow it on some anime dvds, then I will order my region free dvd player and my 457098173829 dollar yesasia order!

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so yesterday, I went bowling and CAMPING with tracy and michelle. yes, you heard right, camping!

we went to a park with millions of hicks swarming around a lake and pulled up to michelle's trailer/rv/mobile home/whatever the hell it is.
I met their hick friends from work, and we drank wine coolers. tracy and michelle are not used to alcohol and drank it too quickly, so they got buzzed and were trying to throw up, but to no avail. I had less than half of my bottle because wine coolers are tasteless pieces of shit and for the most part drank what I did drink slowly, so I was okay.
we slept in a tent. I slept on two layers of padding, but was uncomfortable and hot all night. said park also happens to be next to a highway, so we could hear those whizzing cars all night, and next to michelle's campsite were a bunch of drunk hicks who stayed up until about 3 am. eventually, I fell asleep.
this morning I awoke at 7 am and michelle's brothers were fishing. at first I took a pre-baited hook, but I was not safe for long when the bait was suddenly lost. I turned to their worm cup, and had several failed attempts at placing a worm on a hook in a manner in which it would STAY on the hook, and I also had conveniently forgotten how to cast well. I also tried chicken livers as bait, but those are for catfish, not bass, says michelle's expert fishing brother. proper worm hooking techniques are as follows: "stick the hook through the butt and through the head." seeing as I was afraid of the worm AND the hook, this was not an easy task. but eventually, I did hook the worm on the right way, and I did catch a fish. it was small, and I felt so bad for it. I kept asking "is it okay? is it okay?" because the hook was stuck "plum through" its poor eye. oh god, I felt terrible and threw it back right away, but fishing was so much fun.
later we tried kayaking. this proved difficult with three fat ohioans in a boat with holes in it, so tracy and I went around the lake without michelle, and then they went around without me. I took the pedaling boat around for a bit, and then we went swimming in water with sharp rocks on the bottom and unclear water. I had had enough soon enough, and called mom. she said that I looked terrible and that I was full of parasites, so I immediately went home and took a shower.

dad called today, and one of mom's friends is dying.

I got kodocha manga vol. 1 and bebop as well. there is a sam goody in my mall now, on payday, I am going there and splurging, as well as buying the rest of the manga that was in waldenbooks, gto, angelic layer, and others.

as for anything else, well, ayumi hamasaki made an undeserved 1.2 billion yen, shiina ringo got divorced, and the utaban guy is being sued for sexual harassment by one of the girls from zone. who would sexually harass them, anyway? what could be more important than those things? not much, I tell you.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

Poll #42752 marshmellows

what is your favorite way to eat a marshmellow?

warm and gooey
golden brown
burnt to a crisp
still on fire, baby

YOUNG HALO [userpic]

went to mom's gala, walked across the floor with her and had my picture snapped - in a dress - about 50 million times. note - that doesn't mean I'm going to show them to anyone! they served challah (jewish bread) rolls, how high class!

ugh, then we ran out and went to the airport. again, it's been a bad experience with fucking airports. once we got to security, we had to combine our bags since mom carried every piece of shlock we picked up, except my SPEAKERS. yes, I'm a dork, I brought my speakers because I thought I'd be watching fight club or one of my 3247790123809 dvds that I brought with me. I didn't, and I didn't use the harddrive I brought with me either. anyway, the guy made us combine our bags AND leave our cart that we carried all the shit on behind, and those were just the preliminaries. then when we got into ACTUAL security, I encountered assholes laughing at us. so naturally, I was cursing and yelling at them the whole time, saying things like "I know you think it's fucking hilarious because YOU aren't traveling" and "you fucking cunt, this will be you someday if you ever bother to get off your ass and get a college education". I know, pretty bad. I find myself cursing at these airport assholes more and more as we travel. if I get random searched again, it'll make my fucking day.

it was a good trip, though. a much needed break from work, and even more so when I go home, I don't have to go until the 24th or so. we should get home at 12 or 1, boo.

haha, mom got random searched instead of me. had to be one of us, right?

today makes up for yesterday's airport shit, though. just sat around and did nothing.

fuck audiogalaxy, I finally paid for an account and they shut down. I want a fucking refund.

m-flo is actually a good band (or something), I've finally gotten around to listening to some of it. if you use anything besides audiogalaxy, you should try some of it, or if you want hands and are too lazy to find a way to get it, rape me on aim. their remixes are good too, and I usualy despise every remix I hear.

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wow, I am extremely sick of librarians.

librarian 1: that computer is having issues with netscape
librarian 2: oh, let's try internet explorer.
librarian 3: *walks in* what?
librarian 2: use internet explorer :)
librarian 1: I have issues with internet explorer.
librarian 2: this is terrible. wow, yours works??? no problems???
librarian 3: yeah
librarian 2: this is terrible. what did you order#%$?%$#?!#
librarian 3: mumble
librarian 2: this is terrible! oh, mine doesn't have TELNET. wow, wow! well, something's wrong! this is so upsetting! this is terrible! wonder what it is!

god, kill them all.

this other one has been following my mother and I around or something, and she is obsessed with me. she wears a hat and large carrie donovan glasses. she bought me a book after talking to me for less than 10 minutes. she keeps asking me about my "japanese habit." what habit? why is everyone so interested in the fact that I'm interested in something of another culture? just because my automatic answer when someone asks me what my hobbies are isn't "clothesshoesboysschoolfieldhockeybasketballBOYSBOYS:D:):-*:))))" doesn't mean you have a right to interrogate me for an hour on what I do like. I should tell them I like penis so they'll just shut the fuck up.

librarian 2: OH LET me send YOU a MESSage!!!1
librarian 3: ok
librarian 3: now it says 16 new messages!
librarian 1: I'm having issues ordering things off amazon.
librarian 2: see if you get my messages! this is terrible, you're not having any problems, right??
librarian 3: yeah

I think librarian 3 is stoned.

yesterday we went to this steak place, ruth's chris steakhouse, which was in our hotel. it was good, but mom shoved 16 oz of meat down my throat, so I threw up right after it was over. not cool. we went to this other sushi place yesterday, genki, and it wasn't as good as sushi rock, so we got take-home tekka maki from sushi rock, which was right down the street :D
then today we went to sushi rock and exploded. tonight I HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS for the 3rd time in my life, and then we're leaving.

librarian 2: this is terrible!
librarian 1: I have issues.

yeah, I agree with both of you.

lj meetup sounds like a cool thing, and supposedly there are people in the toledo area meeting up on my birthday (I'm working on my birthday, sux) but you have to be over 14 to do meetup, and these people would either be people I knew or 50 year olds. count on it. technically I could go since it's on my birthday, but I don't think I want to.

I'm starting work on my site, which will just be another waste of space. look for it@$#^%&

librarian 4: *singing a frank sinatra song*
librarian 1: please don't sing, I have issues with that song. my old boyfriend sued me for it.
librarian 5: I happen to love that song.
librarian 4: *hears neither and keeps singing*

at least librarian 2 left! I liked librarian 3 though, because I could not hear him.

by the way, if anyone wants to alleviate my boredom (even though I probably won't be able to hear you), call 419-308-6263 after 4 pm eastern. it's mom's cell phone.

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YOUNG HALO [userpic]

lj is trying to fuck me and disallowed comments on my last post and made me reload every page 4318790 times this morning.

yesterday mom took me to play ddr here. I played a game and some dude showed up, and my mom being the personable whore that she is, made me play with him. after he played me, he left. mom and I bowled two rounds then played ddr together, then went outside to a drama club theater where they were having improv. I was like, where's the harm, so we went in. onstage, the guy I played ddr with was one of the performers, and my mouth was gaping! he sucked, though, there was only one good dude and he wasn't even that great. mom and I kept yelling random things from the audience when they would ask for suggestions, like celery. at one point, the dude goes "we're playing a game called audience fantasy, I want someone to come up and tell us all about their bad day." guess who went up? I said something along the lines of "first, I watched my mom die of aids twice on national tv. everyone else saw it too. then, the condom broke because someone put peanut butter on it, and I found myself pregnant with quintuplets." I think everyone was kind of in shock except my mother, so I just sat down. they had to reverse that and make it a good day. they had the mother's aids test come back negative, and - this is the funny part - they had the woman pregnant have a miscarriage. good show.

nitroxide and the rest of the universe are right, kelly osbourne's papa don't preach fucking owns. since the live version is less than perfect and I only heard it once, I judged it too quickly. I saw the making the video the night before we left and got the mp3, and it owns. I've heard it on some atlanta radio station and saw the video on mtv, she should make her own record of cover songs and cover her dad! although, I still think she should have done like a prayer instead of papa don't preach.

tomorrow we're going to lunch at a nice steakhouse, and tuesday we're going to a party at the hard rock cafe. such ballers we are.

speaking of ballers, lauren, I finally watched part of the ali g. show, and it's fucking amazing. I'm so going to buy the dvds!

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this entry is boring, it involves a sushi restaurant stuck in the 80s, and an alanis morisette concert right outside my hotel room window.

Read more...Collapse )

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omfg, atlanta is ruling so far. I haven't had time to read my friends page in detail yet (sorry doug :( ) and there are like 45171590012380124 posts, yay!

last night I was swimming in the hotel pool and it started raining like hell, it was sweet@%&

on the way here, we passed a sign that said "JOES GRITS" and it was amazing.

haha, I'm in an apple store right now so I have to leave! these emacs suck

YOUNG HALO [userpic]

somehow, I am going to atlanta, and I forgot to mention it.

also, I woke up 15 minutes before I have to leave, so now it's time to pack everything in a frenzy!

be back in a week :(

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first of all, regis, you're a doll, and I'm sorry I'm never around. I'll try to be more often, it is summer now, after all.

new layout, and it doesn't look the same as all the other ones (for once). try to guess what it might contain.

I've started work. it's not too bad, I guess. I owe two paychecks to my mother, I get $240 or more on my first paycheck and I get it july 5. I owe mom $552 and doug $24, I have to buy half of a website which is $60 or so and a ddr mat which is $120. I also need more hard drives, which are $200 each or so. somewhere in there, I should have enough left for random things that I like to buy, and if my grades are good enough, mom will get me the ddr mat or a hard drive, and may deduct some of the payment that I have to give her. maybe she doesn't even care if I pay her or not!

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hi kids, do you like primus?

today I wrote an essay, because I was bored out of my screwdriver. it's very fight club-esque, and it's called
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I thought the mtv movie awards blew chunks. jack black is a talentless cunt, and sarah michelle gellar would sleep with me for 30 cents. I was pleased that reese witherspoon won for best female performance, though. I thought the white stripes performance was okay, eminem's was okay, and kelly osbourne's was so bad it was funny.

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so, our school decided to be stupid and have our exam days on the last two days of school. this doesn't give us an official last day, it gives us two last days. today was the first and most comprehensive, I had 4 exams.

first was history, with tracy and michelle. we threw things at people, and it was fun. the exam should be good, since I got to use my notes, but I bsed my way through the last part.

second was english. I got a 235 out of 200 on my anthem packet, huzz! god, that class turned out to be great at the end, what with pleasantville and all. so the exam was an essay on one theme present in anthem, the giver and pleasantville. I chose love, and wrote 7 pages (double spaced). unfortunately, I didn't finish. I'll go in tomorrow earlier than I have to and finish it, and I'm expecting an a on that son of a bitch. I gave the teacher fucking chocolates too, so she'd better consider that when she is grading.

third was science. I didn't do so great on this exam because I didn't study. well, I guess I studied, but I got a b on it and a b overall in that class. I don't really care, it was a good class and mr. gerken is a fucking nut. I gave him fireworks, those cheap kind that you buy at walmart that are all packaged into one. I told him he was crazy and I thanked him for teaching.
also, after everyone got the test results back, we played charades. some kid acted out a scene from tommy boy, and I did titanic. it was fucking hilarious, I did the scene where everyone is dying at the end. I picked up a large board and said something to the effect of "SAVE ME JACK, SAVE ME, BUT DON'T DIE, OH GOD, GET ON THE DOOR, MAYBE I CAN SCOOT MY WHALE OF AN ASS OVER SO YOU WONT DIE OH GOD YOU DIED BUT ILL LIVE ON IN YOUR NAME, THE SHIPS SINKING, I WONT OBEY YOU MOTHER, OHHHHHHH ORGASM LET'S DROP MY RING IN THE OCEAN, I WONT FORGET WHEN YOU DREW ME JACK!1111111". the kid and I got applause. it was one of those kodak moment things.

lunch ensued, it was the normal hilarity plus me throwing garbage everywhere.

then it was ALGEBRA. arrr, hopefully I pull a b, but I need to turn in all those fucking assignments. wonder if he'll still give me credit for them, oops. I gave him chocolates and he's like "I take back anything bad I ever said about you LOLOLOLOLLLLLLL" so that was cool. I found out wednesday that sapi is moving to sacramento, so I bought her a phonecard for her to call her boyfriend with. I now realize that I should have bought one for myself! oops with a z.

so, tomorrow's lineup is spanish and health. I go in at 10:45. oh god, I'm getting señora flowers, how fucking sad is that? flowers and a box of chocolates, talk about a fucking girly present. it's not valentine's day, it's the end of the year! I got her a stuffed snake too. oh god, she'll be sincerely thrilled and give me a hug and the whole bit. she nearly orgasmed when I got her just chocolates, imagine all this stuff.
anyway, everyone's done with their spanish exam, so we're just watching a video. fun stuff.

health is a different story, I have to absorb the entire book in one night, WAI LOLOL

yesterday I got the fight club dvd! I was in walmart buying presents for everyone and I saw FIGHT CLUB (it is now pronounced fig-it club, BITCH) so I clutched it to my chest and we bought it. can't wait to dig into that bitch, a whole extra disc of outtakes and making of and orgasmic delights.

oh yeah, I got my schedule for working, joy. it's all these odd hours and all over campus. I start saturday and work until like the end of time or something, arrr. I hope I get breaks. included in the job description is toilet cleaning, so hopefully, I don't have to do any of that on my first day! the first payday is june 16 or somewhere. I owe my first 12 paychecks to my mom and doug, har.

today and this year were great. there were some bad moments, but there were more good moments, and now I don't have to carry the horrible title of freshman.

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it's been a while, and my updates in this journal are few and far between. I guess they will become more static after school is over.

happy early birthday to brit.

I've probably mentioned this, but I'm reading cider house rules, and it is amazingly hilarious. you tell them, fuzzy stone. I got the fight club book, a recommendation from one of alex's friends. it's also quite enjoyable, and the movie and it are running along the same track.

we are watching pleasantville in english, one of my favorite movies. things have less color after every english period. it's such a beautiful movie.

my stuff came today. great teacher onizuka vcds and three things from yesasia, seishun no sunrise single, jinsei ga mou hajimatteru single, and do as infinity dvd. my intended use for the do as infinity dvd backfired, as my dvd player will not play the overseas region code. bummer. I still have an every little thing album coming, and two more every little thing items to win.

at a salvation army, I came across the book "roseanne barr - my life as a woman". it is now in my posession.

my father is in town, to try and settle the divorce. I seem to have forgotten that he is the most vile and annoying creature on the planet, but the memories came flooding back when he took me to see insomnia on saturday. we did not finish the movie as someone was smoking in the theater and got four free passes. I will go back another time with my mother and we will also see about a boy.
father brought jewish delicacies from new york, such as black and whites, rainbow cookies, and hamentaschen (SP?!!?! LOLLLL). they are all pastries.
my father is just like my mother in that he talks about himself all the time and does not listen to a word I have said.
today, they were in court, and nothing was settled. he is leaving thursday and coming back in august to try to settle again. I wish to refrain from contact with him until that time. he took me bowling today.

if this post has seemed a little dry, bear with me, for I will be without inflection until a personal issue is resolved. I hope everyone is having a good time.

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I am jack's heavy resentment.

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two entries today, one for today and one from 5 days ago.

today's entry =
hi, I'm staying home from school. (hi, staying home from school!) I'm on two tylenols, so I don't know how coherent this entry will be :D

fight club = awesome. mark and I went to the bbCUE, ate our food and rudely walked home. we played fight club over from the beginning, it's now one of my favorite movies. it's also the only movie that brad pitt has acted in!

I've got some secret pleasures, just like old women have their 8 foot long pink dildos in their special cabinet. well, one of my dildos is the price is right. from the day I was born until now, I've been watching the price is right. bob barker is my god. I don't think I'm alone in this, either. the price is right is EVERYONE'S pleasure, whether they'll admit to it or not. if you don't enjoy the price is right, you aren't human. it's the little things on that show that make it so great - the bouncing breasts of every woman who forgets to wear a bra as they run down the aisle screaming, the disoriented old folks that are probably younger than bob, the looks of horror or joy when they freeze the screen right before a commercial. one dollar spins on the showcase showdown, overbidding on the first round in contestants row, guessing the exact price in contestants row, rod roddy, plinko. there are a million things I could name, but there isn't a single thing that can represent the price is right, other than bob barker. the day he dies, I will shut myself in my room and cry for hours, because it's always been my dream to go on his show and kiss his leathery face that's been kissed by so many other women. if there's one reason I'm glad to be female, it's that I could have a chance to kiss bob.

may 23 = I am fucking addicted. what a dork I am! I even found one on an alternate site that works at school. my highest score is 16,000something, but I'm sure I can beat that.

it's been nice here lately (outside, that is). it's been sunny for the past two days. yesterday mom pulled me out of school early and took me to a baseball game. crackhead!

I need new icons, and I have an idea for a set, but I have to make a similar set for someone ELSE ;)

sayaka ichii with cubic cross is like, her official band, and they will have a new single soon! jinsei ga mou hajimatteru is like the most own song EVER, I just bought it and seishun no sunrise on yesasia. yeah, and I also bought the do as infinity dvd! finally, ryo won't be 902989 feet tall when I watch it.

today my morning musume store display board came! jesus, it's attractive, and SAYAKA IS RIGHT THERE@#% there's a picture below in the lj cut. it's an ad for their movie that they made a long time ago about running. it came with these stickers too, but I don't think I'll EVER use them :D hell, I haven't even unwrapped the display thing yet, I have to figure out a place to put it.

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saw star wars with mark, it was okay, spiderman was better. maybe if there was any ACTING, star wars would have been a little better. mom saw unfaithful and said it was okay.

I rented boys don't cry, fight club and pi. boys don't cry was disturbing and there was too much lesbian sex for my enjoyment. fight club rules so far, I like the way it's shot, and I love the quirks of the characters. haven't watched pi yet.

tomorrow we might go see insomnia and go to a BBQOMFG. the woman throwing the bbq is a fucking cunt, her name is NANCY FOOTER and I've hated her since I've moved here, so I'm taking mark.

I have condoms, they are colored.

9 days of school left starting monday, this week is the last week for the seniors. hopefully they pull a good prank.

I have my class request list for next year:
honors english, biology, geometry, world history, spanish ii and something else.

I'm sick with a cold, and since my colds last forever, I'll probably still have it by the last day.

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